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Welcome to the documentation for Privex’s JsonRPC Emulators - a package designed to emulate common JsonRPC APIs, such as bitcoind ‘s JsonRPC, allowing for unit/integration testing RPC-reliant code, without needing the appropriate daemon installed (which could require a lot of configuration, synchronisation etc.).

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Installing with Pipenv (recommended)

pipenv install rpcemulator

Installing with standard pip3

pip3 install rpcemulator

Example Usages

Using a JsonRPC emulator in a unit test

import unittest
from privex.rpcemulator.bitcoin import BitcoinEmulator
from privex.jsonrpc import BitcoinRPC

class TestMyThing(unittest.TestCase):
    emulator: BitcoinEmulator
    """Stores the :class:`.BitcoinEmulator` instance"""
    rpc = BitcoinRPC()
    """For this example, we're using our BitcoinRPC class and communicating with the RPC directly"""

    def setUpClass(cls) -> None:
        """Launch the Bitcoin RPC emulator in the background on default port 8332"""
        cls.emulator = BitcoinEmulator()

    def tearDownClass(cls) -> None:
        """Shutdown the Bitcoin RPC emulator process"""

    def test_something(self):
        """Run whatever code depends on a Bitcoin RPC"""
        self.assertGreater(self.rpc.getbalance(), 0)

Using a JsonRPC emulator in your code, with a Context Manager

Use the appropriate emulator class with a with statement so the server is automatically stopped once you’re done querying it.

This prevents any risk of the web server process being leftover.

from privex.rpcemulator.bitcoin import BitcoinEmulator
from privex.jsonrpc import BitcoinRPC

rpc = BitcoinRPC()
print('Starting BitcoinEmulator')

with BitcoinEmulator():
    print('Balance is:', rpc.getbalance())
    print('Network info is:', rpc.getnetworkinfo())

print('Stopped BitcoinEmulator')

Python Module Overview

Below is a listing of the sub-modules available in rpcemulator with a short description of what each module contains.


Bitcoin RPC emulator - emulates a limited bitcoind JsonRPC API